Chimney and Skylights

One of the most annoying things for a homeowner can be a roof that leaks when it rains. And one of the more common causes is a chimney that has been poorly sealed or has not been flashed around properly. Because chimneys are such a potential trouble spot, inspect them once every year or two for loose or missing flashing and cracks in the masonry.

Leaking skylights can have various reasons why they are leaking. In most common cases, unless there is a defect in the skylight itself, the reason a leak occurs is because of incorrect flashing around the unit. Second common case is when your skylight ages, tiny, hairline cracks may develop around its edges. While these cracks don't look like much to the naked eye, they allow moisture into your home. If there are a large number of offending cracks, you may need an entire skylight replacement.

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